you have landed on the presentational website www.tomaz-gerbec.com, where I wish to introduce myself to a wider audience with unique artworks from different media. This website does not take any personal data from the user; improved privacy & better user experience, as there are no questionnaires. My activities in different categories are displayed in the links below:

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tomaz gerbecIn early age I showed a lot of interest in drawing, so my parents enrolled me in art classes at the age of 5, where I mostly enjoyed drawing statues from the Academy of Fine Arts, that were available in the workshops. While others were introduced to different media in the workshops, I was by choice allowed to use only the pencil tehnique, which I still frequently use. Charcoal and pastel media was also present at the time, but it was harder to get, especially pastel in the eighties; therefore we were forced to obtain it from abroad. I started to paint more seriously later than with other art media. Painting initiated the production of larger formats and new approaches to artistic creations, than I was used to until then.

Music has been following me since early age. I've been playing classical guitar since age of ten & electrical guitar since age of 13; also electrical bass followed shortly after. I enjoy composing, recording, & producing music on instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, bouzouki, percussion...

I've graduated from graphic technique & multimedia on NTF, where I was among other things closely acquainted with photography, which I regulary implement in my projects. After graduation I've started to code & design in the field of web design, graphic design...

... and the desire to create unique & timeless products.


· website planning: market research, sketching, programming and W3C standardization
· web development: presentational website, e-cloud, e-office, cms, crm & erp system
· web technology: html, css, javascript, php, ajax & xml
· search engine optimization - focus on organic web growth
· web content development: research, writing unique text, image & video production
· web animation
· finishing touches

· graphic design - publications & website design
· illustration - charocal, pastel, pencil, watercolor & digital
· painting - acrylic
· photography & post-production
· music - playing instruments & audio production